Modern Day 1967 Corvette Fast Back

Richard Cox  •  Rent A Vette News  •  

Rent A Vette gets a ton of calls asking if we rent old classic cars. Let’s face it……The old classic cars are fun to look at but they are not fun to drive. We all forget how antiquated the old classics are. No Air Conditioning. No Power Brakes. No Power Steering. None of the creature comforts that make driving a classic car enjoyable. Now at Rent A Vette you can drive a Modern Day 1967 Corvette with all the modern day creature comfort of a brand new car! Drive this Corvette to Sedona for a day trip or just cruise around town. But if you don’t like attention you better not rent this 67. This Corvette steals the Show rather if you are driving down the road or parked in front of the Biltmore Resort! Call us at 480 941-3001 to reserve.