Rent a Bentley Continental GTC Convertible!

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Rent a Bentley GTC Convertible

Bentley GTC Convertible

At some point in everyone’s life comes that very special day, vacation or event that cries out for a very special rental car.

Think of this car rental for your next family or class reunion. Can you imagine how jealous your old classmates will be when you drive up in a Bentley GTC Convertible? That will show them!!

only 1% of Americans will ever drive this car!

But you can be one of them, by renting our Bentley GTC Convertible, but hurry, demand is strong for popular dates at our Phoenix Arizona location.

This elegant convertible is a car that less then 1% of the US population will ever have the privilege and opportunity to enjoy or drive in their lifetime. Don’t pass up the chance to experience this fabulous convertible.

This Bentley GTC Convertible is perfect for:

  • Elegant Weddings.
  • A Birthday Bash.
  • Amazing Anniversaries.
  • Landing that next business deal.

Arriving in the Bentley GTC makes a statement like no other!

Spend More Time Making Memories – Less Time Renting a Car

Let Rent A Vette pick you up when you arrive at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. From the time we pick you up, until the time you are driving out in a Bentley Coupe, you’ll only spend about 15 minutes. Call us to reserve your convertible at 1-888-308-5995!

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