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About the Rent A Vette Exotic Car Rental Collection

From exotic sports cars & convertibles to luxury sedans and SUVs, our exotic car collection boasts one of the most personally selected group of exotic and premium luxury vehicle rentals from manufacturers around the world including Jaguar, Porsche, Corvette, Mercedes and more.

Reserve your next exotic car rental online, or by calling (888) 308-5995. Ask for Rick!

Exotic Car Rentals Phoenix from Rent A Vette

Exotic Car Rentals Phoenix from Rent A Vette. Also serving the Tempe and Scottsdale areas.


Exotic Car Rentals + Premium Customer Service

There’s a kind of luxury that doesn’t need to scream and shout. One that’s as much about service as it is style. Luxury that doesn’t just mean exotic cars for any occasion, but giving you personalized white glove service to meet your needs. Experience exotic car rentals from the brand known for award-winning customer service.

Why do you rent exotic cars?

Do you want to drive what you have in your driveway?

Forget first class, early boarding and hotel suites. If you really want to upgrade your next trip, get a Jaguar “F” Convertible, a Corvette Stingray Convertible, or turn heads when you pull up to your destination in a Porsche 911 “S” Convertible.

“Business travelers who have nice cars at home and make over $100,000 a year want to drive nice cars,” said Bill Diffenderffer, a former airline executive.

At Rent A Vette, we have certainly found this to be true. We rent cars to executives who fly in to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for business on a regular basis. They love the ease of being picked up at the airport and being chauffeured to their waiting car, knowing they won’t be faced with the unfamiliar.

Perhaps you would like to try before you buy, or want to fulfill a fantasy?

“I find it simpler to date nice cars. My favorite is the Mercedes SL550 Convertible,” says Scottsdale local, Jason Carpenter. “This allows me to date all the cars I want. No heavy commitment, just all the fun.”

Joe says, “Rick is amazing. Having been able to rent classic cars from him for many, many years, this last experience was the best one yet! To rent the new Corvette before I bought one at the Tempe dealership was amazing!”

No matter the reason you want to rent, give Rick a call. He’ll take care of you! (888) 308-5995


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