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Drive in luxury wherever you go with a Mercedes-Benz rental car from Rent A Vette. This famous German car brand is renowned for creating vehicles that are both high in quality and style. We will ensure that you have a stress free rental experience with excellent customer service and advice, attractive offers and a wide fleet of top quality rental cars.

Experience Luxury with a Rent A Vette Mercedes-Benz Rental

This versatile car brand instills luxury in each one of their models. From sedans to SUVs, to their exotic cars and convertibles; each one has enough elegance to make the perfect statement. Combining sleek, classic styling with the finest materials and powerful German engineering, Mercedes-Benz creates automobiles that make driving much more effortless and enjoyable. Make an impression wherever you drive with a Mercedes-Benz rental car.

Rent a Mercedes E350 Convertible: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe

Make your next drive one to remember when you rent a Mercedes-Benz E350 Cabriolet from Rent A Vette. This luxury convertible rental car features room for 4 passengers, a head-turning exterior, and a lavish interior of leather and wood. Book Now.

Rent a Mercedes SL550 Convertible: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe

The flagship of a brand and the yard stick of an industry: for over 40 years the S-Class has served as the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz luxury and a platform for new automotive technology. Beyond the imposing curb presence and expansive interior of genuine wood and hides, occupants will experience a 600-watt Harman/Kardon sound system, voice-activated navigation with real time traffic, radar-based cruise control, heated and cooled bucket seats with active bolsters, and a 4.7 liter twin turbo V8 under the hood. Book Now.

Mercedes Car Rentals Phoenix

Mercedes Rentals Phoenix from Rent A Vette. Also serving the Tempe and Scottsdale areas.

Mercedes-Benz: The Origins

The origins of the Mercedes-Benz can be traced back to 1886 and Karl Benz’ creation of what is considered to be the first petrol-powered car. Since its creation more than a century ago, Mercedes-Benz has maintained a reputation for quality and reliability, and is an instantly recognizable name wherever you go in the world.

Partnering with Gottlieb Daimler allowed Karl to gain publicity and a certain distinction for their products, and to gain financial backing.

A third intriguing character came on the scene in 1897. A progressive thinker with an interest in sport, Emil Jellinek turned his enthusiasm to the dawning age of the automobile, an invention he knew would be critical for the future. It all started when he made the journey to Cannstatt to visit the Daimler factory and ordered his first Daimler car – a belt-driven vehicle with a six-hp two-cylinder engine.

What’s in a Name?

Not one to be satisfied with the status quo, Jellinek demanded faster and more powerful vehicles from DMG. Involved in the sport of racing, he would race under his pseudonym Mercédès, (meaning ‘grace’), the name of his daughter, ten years old at the time, and a name that was well known in motoring circles.

At the beginning of April 1900, Jellinek made an agreement with DMG concerning sales of cars and engines and the decision was taken to use the Jellinek’s pseudonym as a product name. In addition, it was agreed that a new engine “bearing the name Daimler-Mercedes” was to be developed.

This must have been a jolt of motivation for this top salesman, because two weeks later, he ordered 36 of the vehicles at a total price of 550,000 marks – in today’s money: 2.3 million euros. And on and on it went, establishing the success and standards of the Mercedes forever.


Since its creation more than a century ago, Mercedes-Benz has maintained a reputation for quality and reliability, and is an instantly recognizable name wherever you go in the world.

Treat yourself to a Mercedes-Benz rental in Phoenix and embrace your love of fine automobiles.

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