Exotic Car Rentals – Don’t be a Griswald!!

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On your last trip to Phoenix, did you ever sit at a stop light in a boring rental car, while a great looking exotic car pulled alongside? Kind of remind you of that scene in the American comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation, where the green station wagon, Family Truckster, driven by Chevy Chase pulls up beside Christie Brinkley in that flashy red Ferrari 308? Don’t be a Griswald! Check out our exotic car rentals in Phoenix, instead!

If this happens to you, here in Phoenix, chances are, that exotic sports car your lusting after, just might be a rental car from Rent A Vette. Rent A Vette Phoenix has been in the Valley renting sports cars for over 26 years.

Our Exotic Car Rentals

All of our cars are late-model, low-mileage, rental vehicles that are loaded with all the factory equipment. Every car is detailed as if it was going to a car show. Now what kind of a statement would that make?

Rick, the owner of Rent A Vette, will not rent any car that he personally wouldn’t be proud to drive. (And he is pretty picky!)

But What About my Budget?

You may think that an exotic car rental is out of your budget…but it really isn’t.

Rent A Vette offers exotic car rentals, Corvette rentals and Porsche rentals starting at $149 per day.  Whether you are visiting the Phoenix Valley, or you live here, let us add the excitement you deserve to your next special occasion.

Call us at 1-888-308-5995 to reserve EXCITEMENT!

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