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Exotic Car RentalRent A Vette Phoenix first opened its doors in Scottsdale, Arizona in October of 1994, making it Arizona’s oldest and largest independent exotic car rental company. In fact, Rent A Vette pioneered the sports car rental industry. All others are an imitation of the business model that Richard Cox created, and most don’t come close to imitating very well.

Our History: Exotic Car Rental at its best!

The Phoenix office was just one of 4 different Rent A Vette locations. The other three locations were located  in Denver, Colorado,  Las Vegas,  Nevada and San Diego, California. Each of the four stores had different and separate owners. Over the years, three of the locations have closed. The Denver location closed in 2004, San Diego store closed when the owner passed away. The Las Vegas location, the owner sold the business and retired.Today, Rent A Vette Phoenix is the only remaining location and it is owned by Richard and Lorraine Cox.

Our Owner: Same owner for over 25 years!

Richard was employed in the new car industry until he took the leap of faith, gave up the security of steady paycheck for the unknown of owning his own business. That was over 25 years ago.

Our Exotic Car Rentals

Rent A Vette Phoenix was originally located in a rented 800 square foot office, located in a small strip mall. In the early days we didn’t need a lot of space. After all our entire rental fleet consisted of 3 Corvettes. We remained in that location for 3 years until we finally out grew our space. The next move was to our own 5,000 square foot building, where we remain to this very day.  We have grown from just renting Corvettes to now including cars like Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, Bentley and BMW. See our exotic car rentals here.

Our Promise

At Rent A Vette, we promise:

  • to provide you with the best service possible
  • that all cars are late model and low miles
  • every car is completely detailed and safety inspected before each rental.

Every year over 40% of our business is repeat customers. That tells you how much we appreciate our customers.

Come by, or call, and see why we say we don’t just rent cars. “We rent Excitement!”

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