Exotic Car Rental: 10 Funny Stories from Drivers

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Have fun in an exotic car rental from Rent A Vette!

Driving an exotic car rental is just plain fun. And, yes, sometimes, really funny things happen when you are behind the wheel of a fired-up exotic. Can you relate to any of these?

  1. “I was going down the highway in the Corvette Stingray Coupe and a Ferrari 360 Spider was merging on next to me. It had dealer plates and a guy in the suit was pointing at me while they were merging. I’m assuming it was a dealership test drive and the salesman was telling the driver to go race me.”
  2. “I don’t really get any attention in the Mercedes E350 Convertible except from guys, although I did have one girl leave a note under my windshield asking me out to dinner with her Facebook link.”
  3. “I love renting exotics from Rick when I am in town. I am driving down the road in the Porsche Boxster, enjoying the great Arizona winter weather. All of a sudden, this guy next to me is yelling, “pretty car, ugly driver!” All of a sudden, his Ford Focus blows a tire.”
  4. “Whenever I drive the Corvette Stingray Convertible, guys in pickups always pull up next to me and offer to trade. When ladies notice, they always ask what kind of car it is, and giggle.”
  5. “Every time I drive an exotic, I have guys come up and approach me, ask me about the car, ask to sit in it. Once, when I was driving the Jaguar “F” Convertible, I came back out from paying for my gas and a stranger had taken it upon himself to let himself into the car and was sitting in the driver’s seat. Uh, that’s a no no!”
  6. “Some people asked me questions about the Porsche 911 “S” Convertible when I was filling the gas tank. Then, I saw a disabled kid and his dad eyeing it off, so I offered to let the kid take a seat behind the wheel. Took a bit to strap him in (cerebral palsy) but the smile on face was priceless.”
  7. “I had a guy behind me waiting (along with a whole city block) for a wreck to be cleared up, so we could pass. Some people had turned off their engines to save gas. Next thing I know, the guy walks up and starts talking to me about the Corvette C6 Convertible. He was from out of town, too, so I turned him onto RAV so he could have his own exotic car rental.”
  8. My favorite thing to do when people ask about the Porsche Boxster is to pop the front lid and show people the trunk. They always ask “Where’s the engine?” and I answer, “Oh, there’s no engine. Improves fuel economy.”
  9. Sometimes I have fun with it and tell them I’m an app programmer and designed a bunch of popular apps and made millions, and that’s why I am driving this new Jaguar “F” Convertible. Chances are, if you saw me behind the wheel of a shiny red one, that was me behind the wheel. Reaping the benefits of being young in an exotic car!”
  10. “Weirdest moment was when a Toyota Sienna with a wheelchair conversion started revving next to me when I was driving the Mercedes SL550 Convertible. The minivan did a huge burnout while I just drove away slowly.”

Have a funny story to share about driving an exotic car rental?

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