Car Rental Tips: Avoid Hidden Fees

“Rick is amazing. Having been able to rent classic cars from him for many, many years, this last experience was the best one yet! To rent the new Corvette before I bought one at the dealership was amazing! It was so fun; I couldn’t park anywhere, get gas, or just drive the car without people asking me about it. As always, Rick was kind enough to pick me up at the airport, and drop me back there after my business was concluded. Above & Beyond – 5 Stars!!!



“OWN” THE CAR – Part of the fun of renting an exotic car (or specialty car) is “owning” the car for your rental period. The last thing you want is to be driving your fun convertible around town, while displaying a rental car company’s logo on the car’s back bumper or displaying a fleet license plate telling every one in eye-sight that you are driving a rental car. When you are calling different car rental companies to check on rates, also ask if there are any company decals or fleet plates on the rental car.

HIDDEN FEES AND TAXES – Renting a luxury car or SUV will usually be less expensive if you rent the car from an independent “off airport” location. Sales tax on rental cars when renting from a airport location generally will cost 8% to 12% more then “off airport” locations. When renting an exotic car for $200 or more a day and for 2 or more days, an extra 10 percent can add up really fast. Always ask for the daily car rental rate AND ask the clerk for the actual tax rate, especially when renting from airport car rental locations.

CONVENIENCE – Another consideration when selecting from whom to rent a sports car is the convenience of car rental pickup and return. Nowadays most airports have large rental car centers that are located “off airport”. While this can save money on airport taxes, this also requires you to drag your luggage on and off an airport shuttle bus, as it slowly makes it’s way from terminal to terminal, until you finally arrive at your rental car location.Once your at the car rental location you have the pleasure of standing in line behind everyone else that was on your bus.

PERSONAL SERVICE – With small “off airport” exotic car rental companies you will receive personalized services like car rental pick-up and drop-off. This makes your stay more pleasant, as well as facilitating your on-time arrival at the airport for your return flight. This personal service is quick and easy and especially if you are a return car rental customer.

APPRECIATION – The smaller specialty car rental company located “off airport” will provide a more personal service because they appreciate your business and you are not just another face standing in a line. They will go out of their way to earn your return business.